Throughout her life, Manisha has connected people from different walks of life. She is a bridge between cultures and she lives at the intersection of numerous paths of work and study. It is not unusual for musicians who perform with her to be meeting each other for the first time through her music. At her core, she experiences a longing for community and has worked to find or create a sense of community in every place she has lived.

For many years, she believed that she was destined to help people in developing countries, such as India, though soon she saw that it was just as gratifying to be of aid to people in the U.S., where she was raised. Eventually she recognized that she was ignoring the one person she could help the most the one who looked at her in the mirror every morning. She set out to bridge the hemispheres within her - to create that sense of community within. Thus, her vision of bridging hemispheres is both internal and external. One of the internal bridges is between her passion for music and her desire to improve resources and opportunities available to at-risk populations. Given her interest in sustainable development, she someday dreams of being able to offer financial support to programs that help ensure a community's access to public goods, such as clean air and water, electricity, and education.

Manisha believes she can best serve the world by building her profile and image on the foundation of good music. Her songs and compositions draw on a wide range of experiences. She has worked, studied, or performed in places ranging from the planning department in her hometown to Austria, Hungary, the Washington, DC area, the San Francisco Bay area, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Boston, MA, Israel, the UK, and Los Angeles, CA. In addition to creating an ambiance that many describe as "soothing" and "beautiful", Manisha endeavors to provide a thought-provoking experience, building bridges across cultures, ultimately hoping to inspire the people and communities who listen to greater heights in their personal growth and development by virtue of her own journey.