Live at the Z

"Working with Manisha both in making and incorporating these images has  been delightful. I hope they express the passion and sincerity she so naturally exudes at her live performances."
-Jessica Hyatt

Artist Bio
Jessica Hyatt is a soon-to-be graduate of Mass Art in Boston (2005). She is a painter and an installation artist who works and resides in Jamaica Plain. Upon her graduation she intends on staying in the city and finding a brilliant and self reliant niche in the art world. She will also be looking for a job upon graduation. Anyone interested in contacting Jessica should feel free to do so at (March 2005)

Statement from Manisha:
On December 19, 2002, Jessica attended one of my concerts with Jerry Leake and Blake Newman at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, MA. She sat quietly in the front row, drawing several sketches of our live performance that resulted in what I like to think of as a series of "pieces in progress" which may or may not ever be completed. Rahul Sabnis later chose to incorporate some of these pieces in the design of the Peace in Progress album cover and booklet. I am thrilled that Jess agreed to take a chance with me on this artventurous project. Although these sketches are technically only 2D, it is as if she has added a third dimension through her unique representation of that night's music. Thank you, Jessica.
- Manisha Shahane