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She offers performances of original songs rooted in folk, jazz, and Indian traditions, as well as some standards or covers (including some Indian songs, as well as jazz and folk/pop tunes). Manisha is available for house concerts, concert series, festivals, and other showcases.

When it comes to live music entertainment for private parties or conference events, many people often opt for classical ensembles, jazz groups, or dance bands, but for your next event or gathering, why not host Manisha? During such events, most people like to mingle and network, but you never know when some of your guests might be looking for an exit from a dull conversation or a little rest from simultaneously balancing their forks, spoons, fruit plates, napkins, and wine glasses, while appearing to know the latest about what is happening in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Enter Manisha Shahane. A 15- to 30-minute set by Manisha is perfect for conferences, meetings, large parties, and gatherings of family and friends at home. . .

  • as a prelude to speeches by guests of honor, family members, or members of your organization

  • while guests are waiting to get in that long line for the buffet

  • while guests are enjoying their dessert

  • during cocktail hour (i.e., relief from superfluous conversation)

  • during the lunch or coffee break of a long meeting or conference session when people would love to have an excuse to just “be” for a little bit instead of continuing the negotiations right through the break (don’t worry. . .she’ll still leave everyone time to catch up on phone calls and emails!)

Manisha’s live show is predominantly acoustic, during which she often provides the audience some comic relief from the deeper themes her work explores. Her performance can be family-friendly, as well. Additionally, she does a good job of inviting audience participation and/or participation on stage by kids. "Background music" is available as an option for social events, including solo piano improvisation, but her preference is to showcase original work in front of an attentive audience. A compromise can be arranged by the event organizer by drawing the crowd's attention for a brief showcase (10 to 20 minutes) during a social event, following which the band can play in the background.

Fees are inclusive of travel and lodging and are determined on a case-by-case basis.


For Solo Performances:
Manisha Shahane: Voice, piano, guitar, frame drum

For Band Performances:
Manisha Shahane: Voice, piano, guitar, frame drum
Geoff Rakness: Upright bass
Mark San Filippo: Drums

Special guests may participate on:
Tabla/multi-percussion (in addition to or in lieu of drums), Flute, Bansuri (bamboo flute), Electric and/or acoustic guitars, Cello

To inquire about booking Manisha for a performance, please send an email with details about your event.

View Manisha Shahane's EPK
View Manisha Shahane's EPK